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Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Illinois Schools

Carbon Monoxide Alarms in Illinois Schools

New Rules

The state of Illinois now requires Carbon Monoxide alarms within 20 feet of all fossil fuel burning equipment. This push for Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms began when a CO leak in Girard Illinois caused 181 students, faculty, and staff to be assessed for CO poisoning. Approximately 62 students and staff were hospitalized.


Governor Bruce Rauner signed HB0152 on August 27, 2015 to amend the School Code.  This law sets forth how CO alarms are powered, placed, inspected, and procedures for alarm activation.

About Carbon Monoxide

CO is the byproduct of incomplete combustion. It is a non-irritating, odorless, colorless gas. Carbon Monoxide is the leading cause of poisoning deaths in the United States. Detecting CO before symptoms of poisoning is impossible without an alarm.


Symptoms range from throbbing headaches at low levels,  to nausea, convulsions and death at prolonged high levels.



Ruyle and Carbon Monoxide

Many of our technicians have completed the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association (COSA) training. With this expertise, Ruyle can assist in choosing the right alarm for specific needs, installation, system integration and training. In addition, Ruyle staff and technicians strive to keep up to date information available and have created a Carbon Monoxide Brochure for reference.



Click Here for the Carbon Monoxide Brochure!