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About Energy

About Our Professional Energy Services

Ruyle Mechanical Services Inc. has provided sustainable, efficient energy solutions to clients across Illinois for more than 60 years. We tailor our comprehensive energy process to each of our clients so we can target specific ways to improve the efficiency of your workspace. And with our focus on sustainability, our LEED-accredited professionals, and knowledge and experience concerning grants, Ruyle Mechanical Services Inc. can help you find ways to fund your energy solutions.

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In order to improve the energy efficiency of your workplace, we must first understand how your building uses energy. Only then will we be able to provide the best energy solutions for your company.

Our assessment begins by benchmarking the current ways your building uses energy using Energy Star Portfolio Manager. This information will help us start developing customized energy solutions.

To best tailor energy solutions to your needs and budget, we have developed three main levels of assessment:

  • Level 1 – Walking through your facility and providing recommendations for energy conservation measures (ECMs).
  • Level 2 – Developing proposals and life cycle costs, which help to provide estimates on your return on investment (ROI), simple payback schedules, and other basic equipment testing and monitoring.
  • Level 3 – Taking a comprehensive assessment of both engineering and building information modeling as well as Level 1 and 2 data and developing a plan for capital improvements to make your facilities more energy efficient, comfortable, safe and sustainable.

Grants and Incentives

Need funding for your energy solutions? At Ruyle Mechanical Services Inc., we can help you discover and implement incentive or grant programs offered by the government and by utility companies. As a Program Ally in the Ameren Act on Energy program, we are familiar with the organizations managing stimulus package funds, and thus we can direct you to up-to-date, applicable programs available for your ECMs. Call our LEED professionals for more information at 309-674-6644.

LEED Energy Solutions

shutterstock_152452358The LEED building certification program, established by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), sets a common standard of measurement for what constitutes a high-performance, “green” building. As a national leader in green building, design and operations, LEED provides concrete, practical design and performance goals for team leaders and third-party certification.

At Ruyle Mechanical Services, we currently employ two LEED-accredited professionals. These HVACR specialists can enhance your certification process by joining your new construction project team or your building operations and maintenance manager.

Benefits of LEED

  • LEED reduces operating costs, enhances building and organizational marketability, increases occupant productivity, and helps create a sustainable community.
  • As the green building sector continues growing, more building professionals, owners and operators are seeking the benefits of certification.
  • Green design makes a positive impact on public health and the environment
  • LEED rating systems are voluntary, consensus-based, market driven, and based on accepted energy and environmental principles.

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If you are looking for energy management solutions for your company, please contact our Energy Services Division. Our Energy Services Project Manager is Tom Loos; Email.

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Our Services

Ruyle Mechanical Services Inc. offers innovative heating and cooling solutions for commercial and
industrial clients across Illinois. See how our company can help yours succeed today!

  • Boiler


    Boilers, Burners, ASME welding, Steam & Hot Water.

  • Chiller


    Maintenance & Replacement of all systems related to cooling.

  • Energy


    Energy efficiency analysis including benchmarking, assessments, incentives and more.

  • Controls


    Direct Digital Controls service and analysis.

  • HVAC/R


    RTU's, AHU's, VAV's, etc. Repair, maintenance, and replacement of any and all systems.

  • Electrical


    Range of services include: fixing a light fixture to installing renewable energy systems.

  • Instrumentation


    Industrial control services including calibration, repair, replacement, and design of new installs.

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